Denture Care as Easy as 1-2-3!

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March 3, 2020

Denture Care as Easy as 1-2-3!

Dentures, like natural teeth, require regular care and maintenance, and that starts with the basics of cleaning, “resting”, and handling with care. Dentures are an investment in time and money, so it makes sense that you look after them. Whether they are full dentures that replace all your natural teeth, partial, that replace some of your teeth, or implant supported dentures that attach to implanted artificial teeth, proper care is vital to maintain integrity and performance.

Cleaning Your Dentures

Just like natural teeth, dentures need to be cleaned at least once daily to remove plaque and prevent stains and tartar build up. Most dentists and denturists recommend removing them and rinsing after meals as well. Denture wearers are also encouraged to clean their mouths with a soft-bristled toothbrush after removing dentures. Caring for your gums will mean your dentures fit and feel better—and will help avoid gum disease. The dentures themselves can be cleaned by gently brushing with the same denture cleaning brush. A nonabrasive denture cleaner will help you keep your dentures clean. If you use a denture adhesive, you should clean the grooves that fit against your gums to ensure that any adhesive is removed. Implant supported dentures require the wearer to gently clean around the detachable appliances. A good rinse will remove any leftover cleanser and debris before you store them in a denturist approved container.

Soaking Overnight and Resting

Most dentures, like natural teeth, need to stay moistened. Soaking your dentures overnight in a denture solution helps remove stains and bacteria that cause odours. The dentures will be fresh and clean and ready to wear in the morning. Don’t be tempted to sleep overnight with your dentures in your mouth. It is important that dentures be removed before bed so that the tissues in your mouth can rest and recover. A good six to eight hours of rest each day should do the trick.

Handle With Care

Dentures are precious. Not only do they help you eat, enjoy life, and smile, but they also main the look of your facial features. You should avoid toothpicks, hard cleansers and brushes—as well as clumsy hands. Dropping your dentures can lead to cracks and breaks, so if you are all thumbs, take precautions and lay out a soft towel on your cleaning surface.

If you have any questions about denture care or denture services, give us a call at our Oakville office - 905-339-3202. We would love to work with you.

Not Your Old-Fashioned Dentures

February 12, 2020

Are you embarrassed about your missing teeth but fearful of wearing dentures? Do you avoid smiling or eating the foods you love because you are afraid your current dentures will slip? Maybe you believe dentures are meant to be ill-fitting or unsightly? It’s time to put aside your denture prejudices and fear no more. Modern advances in denture technology have made dentures more functional and comfortable than ever before.

Dentures are artificial replacements for natural teeth and gums. But they need not be artificial looking or uncomfortable. In fact, modern dentures can dramatically improve how a person looks and feels about themselves—in additional to making eating an enjoyable experience. Oakville Denture Centre is a patient-focused denture care practice that specializes in denture services from oral exams and consultations to precision dentures. Our custom-fitted dentures are comfortable, attractive, and most of all, offer patients a sense of ease in daily wear.

Dentures that Suit Your Life

Your dentures should be as individual as you are—whether they are complete, partial, or implant supported. Complete dentures are fully removable prosthetics that are customized to fit your dentist’s specifications. Partial dentures, or partials are meant to replace a few missing teeth. They are held in place by clasps that attach to your existing natural teeth or by dental implants. Oakville Denture Centre fabricates dentures from high quality materials intended to conform to the natural contours of your face. Your smile will always look natural and the feel and functionality of your dentures will instill confidence and security.

Flexible Dentures

Our flexible dentures are made to fit without a clasp. They cling to the gum without the need for adhesives. Patients report that they take less time to adjust to and with regular care do not cause irritation. Oakville Denture Centre also offers repair and relining services for dentures that are cracked, chipped, or require refitting.

A healthy smile is an investment in yourself. With today’s modern dental treatments and technology, there are many options for replacing missing teeth. If you already have a denture but are uncomfortable with the fit or look, it might be time for an upgrade. Don’t be afraid to voice your denture needs and desires—a good denturist is all about helping patients improve the quality of their life.

Oakville Denture Centre is your local denture specialist. We are conveniently located at 465 Morden Road, but we also do house calls for patients with mobility issues.

Implant Retained Dentures

February 5, 2019

What are Implant Retained Dentures?

There are many different types of dentures. One type of denture is called implant retained dentures. You may have suffered from tooth loss on one or both of your arches. In this case, your confidence and quality of life may have declined. You could have trouble speaking, eating your favorite foods, or having a regular oral function. You may have tried regular dentures but these simply don't feel natural to you. There are alternatives to this such as implant retained dentures that can be used to replace missing teeth. This can give you the next best thing when compared to real teeth

What are Implant Retained Dentures?

An implant retained denture is a type of overdenture but no suction or adhesive are used to hold these dentures in place. A dental implant post will be surgically placed into the patient's jaw bone and then attachments are used to attach to the arch. you have more security and stability when you compare it to other tooth replacement options. These new dentures will function around the same way that natural teeth do. You will have over a 70% biting force when you compare this to a regular denture. These are going to act as natural teeth do.


There are several benefits to implant retained dentures that you should be aware of.

More Stability

Implant-supported dentures will be anchored directly to your jaw bone just like your regular teeth. You can enjoy regular foods such as corn on the cob, steak, and other foods that might be crunchy or tough to eat. You can do this because your dentures will be secured to the dental implants. You will also be able to speak more clearly And have a better smile. When you have a traditional denture, can often to move out of place and it makes speaking a lot more difficult. And implant denture will stay in place and be very firm. You'll be able to give a speech, chat with friends, or speak on the phone without having to worry about your dentures.

No Bone Atrophy

Implant retained dentures also have the benefit of the fact the day will stimulate the bones in the jaw bone. When you have a tooth root that is missing the jaw bone shrinks unless you have an alternate form of stimulation which is provided in the area. When you have a proper dental implant this stops the bone atrophy and the job maintained its strength as well as shape. When you use a traditional denture this requires a lot of adjustment to accommodate changes in your jaw bone. When you have an implant supported denture you may not need any adjustment and this will save you a lot of money over the years.

Better Quality of Life

implant retained Dentures will also give you a better quality of life. You won't have to worry about your dentures and you can start experiencing and enjoying your life as you did before. You'll have more self-esteem. you'll have more draw mobility and fewer pain issues. You will have an attractive, healthy and comfortable smile which will just boost your self-confidence.


If you want a better quality of life and are struggling with regular dentures you should look at implant retained Dentures as they can be a better option for you. Please speak to your dentist about all your options so you can decide what works best for you.

Better Quality of Life with Dentures

November 9, 2018

better quality of life with dentures

Your dentist will do whatever is necessary to preserve your teeth. For some people, their teeth may be too far gone to save and in this case, dentures may be a better solution. For those that have severe tooth problems, they can be in a lot of pain, discomfort and day-to-day activities can be a chore for them if they are always having difficulty with their teeth. By replacing problem teeth with dentures this can improve the quality of life for the individual. Here are a few reasons why dentures might be the best choice for you.

Better Speaking

When you have severely damaged teeth or missing teeth this can make it difficult for you to speak normally and for people to understand because your words may be slurred or difficult to understand. When you have properties it allows you to pronounce certain words properly so people can understand you. Once you have dentures installed you're speaking ability should go back to normal and you will no longer have difficulty pronouncing words that you had with your damage teeth. You will be able to speak just as well as you did when you had normal teeth.

Eating Food

One of the major problems you come across when you have poor teeth is that it can be quite difficult to eat certain foods. you can end up being in pain when you eat certain foods or you might not be able to eat certain foods at all especially foods that are quite hard or crunchy in nature such as a hard piece of fruit. when you have dentures you'll be able to chew any food that you like and you can enjoy food that you might not have been able to eat in the past. By getting dentures, you can bring back your enjoyment of eating different foods.

A Better Smile

When you have good teeth it's normal for you to smile all the time because you're happy with your oral health and how you look. For a person that has poor teeth or even missing teeth smiling can be very difficult because they can be quite self-conscious about how their teeth and mouth look. With dentures, you no longer have to worry about your smile and you can smile all the time because your new teeth are going to look just like normal teeth and you can gain and that confidence back about yourself that you might not have had in the past. Dentures can be the perfect way to restore your smile and this is often one of the main reasons that people and get dentures.

Look Younger

We often associate people that have bad teeth as being older. When you have dentures you're going to look younger and this is just going to boost your overall confidence and self-esteem because you know that your smile looks great and that people are going to notice your nice teeth. When you have dentures this also preserves your facial structure which can be impacted in a negative way when you have missing teeth.


If you want to restore your smile, feel confident about yourself, enjoy foods that you couldn't eat before, you should consider dentures. While your dentist will do everything to preserve the teeth you have now, in some cases dentures can be the better option as it can help restore your quality of life.

Please feel free to contact Oakville Denture Centre for any questions related to Dentures.

Denture Basics

October 10, 2018

dentures oakville

Many people over the age of 45 have some sort of removable dental appliance, and many really don’t know how to care for them. How often they need a check-up? When do I replace an old denture? We have outlined some basic facts so that you can rest easy knowing that you are informed.

Cleaning the DentureTooth Toothbrush

Dentures should be cleaned with a paste designed for dentures, or even liquid dish soap every day and stored in water over night. Regular toothpaste should NOT be used on your dentures. They are too abrasive, causing scratches that allow plaque to build up on the dentures. This can cause the denture to stop fitting properly, and lose the suction required to hold the denture in place. Plaque is often difficult to remove once the build-up has begun. However, a Dental Prosthetist can perform a professional cleaning, using an ultrasonic cleaner and professional strength products.

What if the Denture is Loose or Worn?

Dentures should usually fit comfortably without the need for adhesives to secure them. As a person ages the jawbone gets smaller. It’s a normal process (called bone resorption). Over time, this causes dentures to become loose. In many cases the dentures do not need replacing but simply relining. A registered denture specialist can often do relines the same day. By professionally relining the denture you will be able to speak, laugh and eat much more comfortably.

What if the Denture is Over 5 Years Old?

Dentures should be replaced or refitted every 5 to 7 years. Some wearers think a denture can last 10 years or longer! (Which is simply not true) Your Dental Prosthetist is the most qualified person to tell you when a denture needs replacing. The longer you delay replacing an old denture, the longer your appearance, chewing and comfort are compromised.

These are the Signs Your Dentures Need Replacing

  • It’s difficult to eat some foods that you used to be able to enjoy
  • The dentures “click” or “smack” when eating, talking or laughing
  • Sore jaw, headache and neck pain
  • The denture has been repaired once before
  • Changes in jaw and facial shape
  • Upper denture drops when laughing or yawning
  • Irritated or sore tissues
  • The grinding surface of the teeth are flat and worn

Please feel free to contact Oakville Denture Centre for any questions related to Dentures.

Implant Supported Dentures

September 1, 2018

No rocking, no rubbing, and total confidence—implant supported dentures are a rock-solid denture solution. But just what are they and how do they work? Implant supported dentures are overdentures that are attached to, and supported by, implants. They are a permanent option for people who don’t have teeth to support dentures but have enough bone in their jaw for implant placement. They are also a convenient option for people who want a more secure denture placement.

Patients report that implant supported dentures are comfortable as they do not rest or rub on their gums. They even report that they enjoy the taste and texture of foods more, particularly for the upper arches, since the palate isn’t covered. These dentures also don’t rock, allowing denture wearers to eat a variety of foods without worrying about slippage. Implant supported dentures ensure that teeth stay in place while speaking. You can even laugh with the confidence of knowing your dentures won’t slip or fall out of your mouth.

Implant supported dentures are known to prevent jaw bone shrinkage, since the action of chewing can be more assured and vigorous, allowing for jawbone stimulation that prevents bone reabsorption. Some patients opt for lower implant supported dentures only, as they fit better than regular dentures and don’t slip. Like regular dentures, they are easy to remove for cleaning.

The implants themselves are placed under your gum in the jawbone at the front of your mouth. There is more bone there to anchor the implant. Dental implants are artificial roots made of titanium, they integrate with the bone in the jaw, making them stable. Depending on the procedure used by your dental health professional, the implant process may be done in one stage or two. Once healed and fully integrated, a fixed bridge or denture is attached to the implants and denture wearers can smile and eat with complete confidence.

If you’re interested in learning more about implant supported dentures, give the experts at Oakville Denture Centre a call today. We are welcoming new patients from Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga and beyond and would love to help you achieve the smile you’ve missing.


Denture Care as Easy as 1-2-3!
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