How to Identify When it’s Time for New Dentures

September 9, 2022

How to Identify When it’s Time for New Dentures

Dentures are a prosthetic device used to replace missing teeth, but just like natural teeth, they endure wear and tear caused by everyday life activities. Dentures don’t last forever, so if you rely on your dentures to fill your smile and help you eat, speak, and laugh easily and comfortably, it’s important to replace them when the time is right.

Here are the signs that it’s time for new dentures.

  1. You’re not speaking clearly
    If you’ve noticed a sort of slushy sound when you speak and are having difficulty annunciating certain words, it’s important to determine if this problem is caused by ill-fitting dentures. Fixing this problem could be as easy as having your dentures re-fitted to your mouth, but it could also mean you need a new set.
  2. They’re not comfortable anymore
    When you first get dentures, they should fit perfectly and feel comfortable in your mouth. If that changes and you start to feel discomfort, make an appointment with your denture clinic in Oakville. While there could be an issue with the dentures that can be fixed, this is likely an indication that your dentures are no longer working properly and need to be replaced.
  3. They’re chipped or cracked
    Like most medical devices, dentures can chip or crack over time. When this happens, it’s time to visit your denturist to see if they’re repairable, or if you need a new set.
  4. Your gums are sore.
    Wearing dentures should never cause pain or irritation in the gums. If your gums become red, puffy, or irritated, remove your dentures and see if that helps. It’s also worthwhile to make an appointment and have your dentures checked out.
  5. You’re having trouble chewing
    Your dentures are supposed to look and function like your natural teeth, and one of the most important things you rely on your teeth to do is chew your food. If chewing is becoming uncomfortable or difficult, or it feels like your dentures are unstable while you eat, they should be looked at by a professional to ensure they still fit you properly.
  6. They’ve become discoloured
    Just like your natural teeth, day-to-day activities like drinking coffee, eating tomato-rich foods, and having the odd glass of wine can stain your dentures causing them to appear dull and discoloured. While a consistent and thorough oral hygiene routine will certainly keep your dentures whiter and brighter for longer, eventually they will need to be replaced.

If you’re experiencing any of these issues and would like to have your dentures checked, call our office to schedule an appointment today. We’ll take a look at your dentures and assess how they fit, and work with you to ensure you’re enjoying food, smiles, and laughter for many years to come.